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Family values and friendly service

Choose from whole fish, fillets, salmon or halibut steaks, a mix of mussels and clams, or anything else you may desire from the ocean's depths. When it comes to seafood wholesale, quality and freshness are important; you can trust you're getting the top seafood brands, whether you want fresh or frozen.

We serve commercial businesses and meat wholesalers who serve our meat to families just like ours. You can tell we are invested in the meat business from our all natural, in-house brand of Dawsco pork, and our 20 years of superior wholesale service.

Whole fish

  • Tilapia

  • Catfish

  • Stripe Bass

  • Golden Pompano

  • Yellow Croaker

  • Mackerel

  • Pomfret

  • Blue Runner

  • Salmon

  • Halibut

  • Tilapia fillet

  • Catfish fillet

  • Bass fillet

  • Swai fillet

  • Pollack fillet

  • Mahi Mahi fillet

  • Salmon fillet

  • Halibut fillet

A fine meal starts with a fresh catch

  • Head-on

  • Head-off

  • Easy Peel

  • Cooked

  • Available in various sizes

  • Squid tubes

  • Squid

  • Octopus

  • Imitation crab

  • Seafood mix

  • Mussels and clams

  • Scallops